Sublimation Kings LLP

2209 National Road
Wheeling, WV 26003

Phone: 856-617-3717
Twitter: @SublimationKing
Facebook: SublimationKings
Instagram: SublimationKings
Google+: SublimationKings
Tumblr: SublimationKings
Pinterest: SubKings


6 thoughts on “Contact Us

    • subkings says:

      Hello! You can signup as a user either while saving designs in the builder products, or at checkout. To be signed up for the newsletter you have to enter your email on the popup that appears on our website. It will popup automatically after being on any page for a short period of time. Once signed up a 10% off coupon will be triggered and sent automatically.

  1. nick-2387 says:

    If i ordered 10 custom jerseys do you know how long they would take to arrive? I’m located in kentucky

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