The Sublimation Kings are 2 guys with Bachelors Degrees in Graphic Design who love creating top notch sports apparel and love playing sports and looking good while doing it, not necessarily playing good but at least looking good. We don’t mess around when it comes to custom jerseys, we design them as if we are part of your team and we don’t like looking clownish with the crappy clip-art the other companies provide. When dealing with the Sublimation Kings you get a quality product along with a quality design. We use the best variety of performance wicking materials that are available. Gone are the days with dealing with minimum quantities and getting stuck with crappy rubberized plastisol 2 color stock logos on heavy uncomfortable and sweat soaking traditional jerseys, today’s gamers need super lightweight moisture wicking materials with original sublimated graphics that won’t crack, fade or fall apart in the wash.

In short, Sublimation is putting digital graphics from a digital device onto fabric through heated dye that absorbs into the material permanently. Here is the Saturday Morning Science Guy explanation: Digital Sublimation is the process where dye ink is heated at over 400° into a gas then transferred onto fabric creating a bond, then the dye cools and becomes solid once again. This allows for a smooth transition from what you see on your screen to what is seen on fabric. There is almost no limit to the amount of colors with this process and this allows for the natural wicking materials to remain breathable and also maintain its strength and durability.

You can find a listing of our materials here.

Custom orders – we strive for 3-4 weeks from artwork approval for delivery. Retail items take around 3-4 weeks from payment for delivery. While we try for 3-4 weeks, some orders can take longer due to times of high volume. Each order is made-to-order, there is no existing inventory, orders are fulfilled on-demand, exclusive to you with no minimum quantity needed.

Yes. Care Instructions: Turn garment inside-out before washing. Machine wash in cold water. Do not bleach, iron or dry clean garments. Hang dry only. Don’t wash with velcro or equipment that can snag.

Select your product. Be sure to choose a size, material and/or version (i.e. color/design) when applicable. Add your size groupings to the cart one at a time. When you go to the cart you will see visual representation (when ordering an existing stock option) of the design you’ve selected with each size in it’s own line. When checking out, list your team with the NAME – NUMBER – SIZE for each garment in the “Order Notes” section or email us the list in a word, text or excel file to Refer to your order number when doing so.

Once payment is collected, your personalized proof(s) will be generated (only for newly created art, retail items are not proofed unless changes are requested during the checkout process). You will receive your proof(s) via the email you submit with your order. The proof email you receive will link you out to an online proofing system where you can approve, reject, or request changes. After approval your order goes into production, once your approval is sent there is no time to make adjustments to the current order without the nuke codes.

Nope. You can order one jersey and we’d be fine with it. The beauty in that is, there is no initial order minimum (which is already awesome), and when you have new teammates come on board you won’t have to meet a minimum order requirement that other manufacturers may have for custom orders.

66 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. fscott says:

    Is it possible for me to share a link of my design with my teammates so that they can easily just edit their name and number text without needing to choose the correct color/font? It would be easiest for each person to order without needing to collect money from each person

    • subkings says:

      Hello! Yes it is! Once you were to complete the order process, we proof post order. From there we work with you until the design is to your liking. Once you give us that final approval we can create a private link on our site for your easy usage!

  2. teellis says:

    Hey I’m trying to order a pant shell for my stepson. The sizing chart is confusing to me though. He is 11 years old average size with a 26 inch waist; does that really mean he is a size XL adult like the chart mentions? Not sure how I’m reading this wrong but I must be

  3. johnmarian4 says:

    Why when I chose “Front Top Logo” does the team name logo seem off-centered to the left? I want it directly in the middle!

    • subkings says:

      It’s due to the rendering, and the slightly off center render model. We proof all artwork from our builder orders prior to production to ensure placement/scale.

  4. Jeff Dunn says:

    Does my jersey design have to be a logo for the center of the jersey? Or could I submit a mock-up of the full jersey so I could take advantage of being able to design the whole jersey with sublimation? Looking to do a Mandalorian-themed jersey for my team.

    • subkings says:

      Shipping depends on the following variables: item type, quantity, and shipping location. If you simulate an order by adding what you are looking to order and go to ‘checkout’ – the shipping will generate automatically for you!

    • subkings says:

      Hello! If you’re using a builder product, you would select tab number 3 ‘add text’ and select ‘Lastname’ from the dropdown that says ‘Where would you like to place text?’ – enter your text and hit the apply text button. Let us know if something else is holding you up!

    • subkings says:

      Hello! Yes, we have G-4XL in the dropdown as our standard goalie size, we also have G-5XL which is the largest size available for a goalie – it’s for a larger goalie.

  5. Lee Bronkema says:

    Am I allowed different logo on front, Left & Right sleeve and Back of custom hockey Jerseys? Every time I switch angles to place art on these different areas the art changes.

  6. henrybechtel123 says:

    When I was designing a custom jersey the front top text and the logo overlapped. Is it possible to shift the logo downwards slightly so they don’t clip into eachother? Or is just rendered weird on the model?

    • subkings says:

      Hello! Our builder has a few limitations that we are working to update in the not too distant future, the good news is that we proof all builder artwork post order to adjust for any scale/placement issues or requests. We don’t product the items until your satisfaction is met with the artwork. During that proofing process we can adjust to your needs, i.e. moving logos and scaling the elements to suit your desire.

  7. StephenW says:

    Is there a limit on the amount of numbers you can have on a Jersey? I saw previously someone asked if you could do 3 and SK said they could, just not sure if 4+ would be possible.

  8. Kelly says:

    Hello there,
    I was wanting to order the Area Code Soft ball jerseys and hoodies and I was wondering if you would be able to put our team name on the front and sponsor on the back and not the area code? Thanks and looking forward to your response.

    • Sublimation Kings says:

      Hello Kelly! That is possible. If you choose to order, indicate in the order notes what changes you’d like to see on the particular product you’re ordering. You’ll be proofed with changes post order placement.

    • Sublimation Kings says:

      Orders generally take about 3-4 weeks from the date you place your order, to the date it ships – sometimes it’s faster, sometimes its a little longer. We ship all orders USPS Priority which is 1-3 days shipping.

  9. Rick says:

    I tried ordering a couple of jerseys a few years ago but you weren’t shipping to UK at that point, has anything changed?

  10. Gary Yorke says:

    Looking for clarity on an order
    – 190391
    I was not okay with the initial design and sent comments but do not know if they have been incorporated

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